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Panicogelados is a family company with decades of experience.

Built in 1994, it originates from a family company with decades of experience in the manufacturing of traditional bakery and pastry products. The opportunity arises to incorporate technological innovation in the processes, combining the experience and mastery of the artisanal manufacturing methods, acquired over more than 30 years, making Panicongelados one of the pioneer companies in Portugal in the production of deep-frozen baked goods.

The company’s products are marketed under 2 different brands, Panidor for other companies (Horeca channel, supermarkets, hypermarkets and vending).

As for the final consumer, the company markets under the Homemade Moments brand. The company has a big variety of frozen bakery and pastry products, which are prepared through industrial processes that always respect the quality, aromas, flavors and textures of the traditional recipes and flavors.

  • Creating, producing and marketing deep-frozen baked goods that exceed the consumers’ expectations. 
  • Maintaining food quality and safety in the production of the products to be marketed as the pillars of the undertaken commitment.
  • Being recognized as the company of excellence in terms of design, production and marketing of frozen doughs.
  • Developing innovation in the products and in the organization;
  • Ensuring food quality and safety during the entire manufacturing process (from receiving the raw materials to client delivery), transmitting confidence to clients and consumers;
  • Investing on client loyalty, by providing products with traditional features and by after-sales support/Customer support service;
  • Diversifying distribution channels;
  • Continuing to work on foreign markets;
  • Maintaining cordial commercial relationships with our clients, by providing all necessary clarifications and information in order to ensure fulfillment of the associated requirements of each product. This way, we can assure that products with the quality features proposed by Panidor reach our final consumer.