Environmental and Sustainable Policy

We are committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of our business and to preventing our impact on the environment through the application of effective environmental management practices.

circular economy

at Panidor nothing  

is lost, everything 

is transformed

Did you know that 30% of the world's cultivated land produces food that will be wasted? 

The issue of food waste is something we take very seriously, for this reason we give a "second life" to products that cannot be commercialised:

  • Most of the damaged products are donated to social institutions;
  • Many test products for new recipes, or with short shelf lives, are offered to our employees;
  • The remaining products are segregated and sent for animal feed.


All the waste generated by Panidor is properly separated and sent to licensed operators where it is further processed, giving it a second life and reducing the consumption of natural resources, thus preserving the environment. 

Among these materials we have, for example, the cooking oils used in several frying processes, which are later collected to be used again in the production of biodiesel, paints and varnishes. 

clean label

We are constantly trying to reduce the number of ingredients in our recipes, favouring natural raw materials.

Fermented breads with sourdough are a good example of this. Sourdough is a natural yeast, made only with water and flour, which rests for long hours until it obtains natural fermentation characteristics.

What moves us is our passion

less 5,5%

We have and offer our customers a dedicated frozen food distribution service throughout 
the entire national territory, always committed to optimising and reducing pollutant 
gas emissions.

In the heavy-duty fleet, we have achieved a reduction of around 5.5% of our carbon dioxide emissions.

We have also included electric vehicles in our light vehicle fleet, thus avoiding the emission of around 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Have you ever heard of environmentally friendly products?

raw materials 

Palm Oil: Since 2018 Panidor has been RSPO certified according to the models MB (Mass Balance) and SG (Segregated), which allows to buy and sell products with Palm oil from Sustainable origin.

The RSPO certification for Palm Oil, present in half of the products produced worldwide, shows a concern with the harm that intensive and uncontrolled production pose for the environment and the society.

Certified RSPO Palm Oil is produced with scrupulous respect for the existing legislation, applying all the best agriculture and environmental practises, with respect for the local population, guaranteeing the sustainability, in a process that is audited by the RSPO organism.


UTZ Chocolate:  We use Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa in some of our products.

The Rainforest Alliance works with almost one million cocoa producers, mainly in West Africa, where 70% of the world's cocoa is cultivated.

The programme ensures good working conditions for producers and sustainable production practices.

environmentally-friendly deep-frozen food

By favouring deep-frozen bread and pastries you are preserving the environment, as you do not contribute to food waste. 

Be it in commercial establishments or at home, deep-frozen products enable efficient stock management, as they are prepared as and when needed, in the quantities required.